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Safety Pack for Young Women

Safety Pack for Young Women

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This Safety Pack for Women has everything any young woman needs to stay safe.

  1. The first item is an diversion safe that feels like a full can of Aqua Net.  A place where a woman can keep her valuables.
  2. The second item is a pack of 20 date rape drug tests.  Don't drink without testing the drink first!
  3. The third item is a stun gun/flashlight that is disguised like a tube of lip stick. If some one threatens, they could be in for a BIG surprise when she lights them up!  
  4. The fourth item is a pair of shoe lights for running or walking in the dark.
  5. The fifth item is a plastic comb with a hidden, hard plastic knife that doubles as an emergency window breaker tool.
  6. The sixth item is an ear piercing personal alarm that also looks like a tube of lipstick.  Just pull the top out for alarm or pop it back in to stop.
  7. The seventh item is a door stop/alarm to keep any woman safe in their bedroom, apartment or dorm.
  8. The eighth item is really pepper spray rated at a hot 2 million Scoville Units, but it, too, looks like a tube of lipstick.  Good for 6-8 feet away and 20 shots!
  9. The ninth item is also a hidden knife within a comb, but this one is made of metal, 3.5 inches long, with partially serrated blade that has utility as a tool.
Priced to sell at just $119.95, $80 off the original retail price. This package makes you a Big Brad's Family Discount Member.  Congrats!

Please check your local state laws on knife carry before purchasing this package (click here).  Most (but not all) jurisdictions allow public concealment of a blade 4" or less in length, especially if it can be used as a tool.  Misleading knives like these are illegal in some jurisdictions.

Please check state restrictions of stun guns and pepper spray (click here).  If there are any restrictions in your state, we cannot sell this package to you.

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