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"Slider" Stun Gun/Flashlight (Silver)

"Slider" Stun Gun/Flashlight (Silver)

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The SLIDER is a small stun gun flashlight! The size and appearance of a common flash-drive with 10 million volts of  stopping power!

At 3 ½” x 1” x 1/2?”, it’s compact and stunningly powerful. The SLIDER is slim and discreet, quick and handy, and drops an attacker to the ground in seconds!

Simply slide the thumb-switch forward to release 4.9 milliamps of electricity to make anyone think twice before bothering you. Release the thumb-switch and it retracts with ease. This stun gun is unique as it allows you to keep your thumb on the flashlight switch, while keeping the flashlight in the "on position" as you "slide" the button forward to meet your attacker.

Complete with LED flashlight, wrist strap, and made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum, the SLIDER is available in 5 colors: black, blue, gold, pink, silver.

The SLIDER features a quick charging mini-usb port and can be conveniently charged from most cell phone chargers, laptops, computers and automobiles. Includes charger, charging cord, and wrist strap.

For the person who wants to be discrete while having easy access to charging a compact stun gun/flashlight .


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